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I enjoy sharing my design knowledge with students and professionals, coaching them

to become successful designers. My preferred approach consists in combining bites of design theory with deep hands-on workshops where students can work on real cases and collectively reflect on their learnings.

I also accompany individuals and teams to recognise and overcome their life struggles, unlocking their full potential and becoming the best version of themselves. To do this I often use Nature, its power and gifts as active party in the coaching process (see below "Life coaching")


Laura is the sweetest and most attentive mentor I have ever spoken to on the platform. She actively listened to all of my questions and concerns, gave accurate advice and cheered me up with her glow and positive attitude. I really felt like I was talking to a friend and will definitely be following up with more updates on my journey :) Thank you Laura!

Gloria, Junior UX designer

ADPList mentee

Thanks, Laura, for the many activities we did this past weekend, and for the new understanding and points of views I took home from the class.

Chiara, HR strategist & business partner

Talent Garden Innovation School student 2020

I really liked the way Laura led the lecture today. Her presentation and explanations were clear and incisive. 

There was a good balance between theory and practice. The group reflection at the end was very useful.

Riccardo, Marketing expert

Talent Garden Innovation School student 2019

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