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Elevating the Digital Face
of a leading Aerospace Powerhouse 

#Aerospace #Defence #Security



THE Challenge
Communicate the company's strategic repositioning to captivate existing and new targets, alluring fresh market slices and investors

Building on their past wins, the Organisation aims to boost its hi-tech leadership position and widen its audience reach.

To make the repositioning a reality, the company needs to attract not only new markets and investors, but also talents and innovation partners.

The current societal perception of the company is outdated and its image is very distant from current societal problems.

A 3-step journey into the future:
the website builds on a
progressive revelation of the strategic repositioning.
It unveils a fresh new company identity that
steps closer to the general public showcasing their impact on societal progress.
The website adopts new communication strategies to explain the company's aim and project portfolio, with a strong focus on their societal impact.
tone of voice becomes simpler and less technical terms are used so to get closer to younger generations and the general public.
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Each target user group is guided through a tailored journey.
Investors can easily find the main data and documents
in a dedicated web section. The information architecture follows their research needs and habits, providing them innovative tools to facilitate their decision-making
Project impacts
The project activities contributed to establish one shared vision about the new company positioning and its transition strategy.
The website is currently being developed.
approach & methodology

The project was setup as a continuous conversation with the client through the use of wireframes and prototypes. These helped the client understand the importance of taking key decisions early on in the process. They also helped create internal alignment with other units.

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Business context understanding

Interacting with internal stakeholders to map the company's origins, current situation and future ambitions. In depth analysis of competitor and comparable companies' websites.


stakeholders engaged


Designing a 3-steps website strategy

Conceptualising the progressive storytelling strategy through the use of low-fi prototyping during 2 co-design sessions. Definition of the new information architecture.


co-design workshops


Defining the website's visual feeling

Definition of the visual feeling through a continuous benchmark and trends scouting activity, and analysis of the key brand's visual elements.



visual feeling options


Designing the homepage & website UX & UI

Iteratively designing the interaction patterns, the visual declination of pages, sections and defining of the content copy for the main pages.


Design iterations

MY role
As designer in a team of 4 I took care of the following activities:
  • research activities planning, execution and analysis

  • co-design workshops planning, facilitation and analysis,

  • website strategy design, with the rest of the team

  • wireframing with the rest of the team

  • visual feeling co-definition with the rest of the team

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